Puppy Love! Conversions Your Furry Friend Will Adore For Your Campervan

Do you want to go on a trip but don’t want to leave your pet behind? It can be difficult to find hotels that allow these furry companions and introducing your pet to unfamiliar places can also be bad for them, leading to restlessness and stress for both of you. The best solution is to opt for a dog-friendly van conversion. This way, you have free reign to explore any area you like and take your pet with you. You can deck out the van with items and familiar smells for your pet to keep them relaxed and enjoy the travels as much as you. 

Read on for a list of ways you can convert your van for those trips away with your pet.


One of the most important ways to keep your dog settled is to make sure there is a comfortable sleeping area available. There are a lot of options including installing a crate in the boot of the van or even swapping out the front seats for an option that is cosier and can swivel, allowing your dog to use it as a bed. This is a key thing to factor into the floor plan of your conversion so you can position it in a cosy area away from high traffic, encouraging restful sleep for your pet.

Dog Shower

When taking your dog out to new places, it is likely to want to explore. This also means there will be a lot of mud and mess to contend with. Once this happens, you will be glad for a sink with an extendable tap head that can be used as a dog shower to keep both your dog and your van looking and smelling fresh.


A dog-friendly camper van needs a dog-friendly floor. Having a dog in your home, you will already be aware of how easily the carpet can get muddy and messy. To avoid this in your van, make sure you have vinyl flooring which is much simpler and quicker to clean.

The Dog Drawer

Keeping all the essentials together is always a good idea when it comes to pets. Packing their favourite toys, treats, food, and (your favourite) poo bags into a drawer or cupboard is a great way to keep the items accessible.

At Van&Bus, we can convert your campervan to suit your and your pets' needs. For a camper conversion that suits not just you but your pooch too, get in touch today.

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