Does The Ford Transit Custom Make A Great Campervan?

The Transit name itself is synonymous with medium size vans in the UK, but now with stylish looks, a fantastic interior, superb reliability, and the fact that the Ford Transit Custom is so easy to drive, it’s not that hard to see why this was not only the best-selling van in the country in 2021 but the bestselling vehicle as well.

All of the above, coupled with a little extra space compared to the VW Transporters, of course, make it an ideal vehicle to convert into a Camper. Add to that the fact that Transit Customs are considerably more affordable, so you may be able to add more to your conversion budget when the time comes.

Super Sleek Alternative To The Bathtub Type Pop-tops For Your Ford Transit Custom

The Transit Custom has a slightly squarer interior which gives a more spacious feel than that of a Transporter. It also allows for slightly bigger furniture units which in turn gives you slightly more storage space for your daily travel, or for kitting the van out for your next holiday. However, Ford has really gone to town with the exterior styling, so when it comes to a full camper conversion, why would you want to spoil those sleek lines with a boxy Pop-Top with those ugly chunky rubber seals on view?

Bring In The Stealth Pop-Top Roof

It's with this in mind that Van&Bus launched their Stealth FTC Pop Top last year.

Ian Radcliffe, one of the directors of LowLife Products and Van&Bus, explained the process behind the design of the Stealth FTC explained;

“Obviously we have had great success with the VW Stealth Roofs, most recently the Stealth B2 variants, so we wanted to carry across these design principles to the Ford Transit Custom roof.

“Using 3D design software, we started by making sure the one-piece composite sub-frame followed the rather unique contours of the base vehicle, whilst making sure that the design respected the drainage paths of the roof, to prevent any water ingress, The next stage was to work on the shape of the roof panel itself. The standard roof on a Custom is rather flat, with hexagonal pressings into the steel, not particularly sexy. We wanted our roof to be low-profile, but not so that it compromised on space and usability, so the roof was designed with a curve which followed and blended with the contours of the van itself, which in turn helped make the closed roof super discrete. This also creates more room for storing bedding etc in the roof space when the roof is closed but it also enhances the overall exterior appearance of the van.

“We then rolled across the same patented operating mechanism and latching system philosophy from our VW Transporter variants.

“It's these features that combined together give us the sleek looks but also a pop-top with super easy usability”.

Features Of The Stealth FTC

Obviously, its super sleek, super low-profile appearance is the most obvious feature of the Stealth FTC, however, the differences don’t stop there. The Stealth FTC also incorporates a 4-point latching system, operated from inside the vehicle, so expect no messy straps with the Stealth. A standard installation comes fully trimmed and carpeted, with a bi-fold bed board as standard. The patented operating mechanism means no nasty scissor hinges that could trap and damage the tent, which also makes it super quick to pop up, but also super quick and easy to pop back down. Optional extras include the zip-open scenic canvas, solar, and various lighting options to fully personalise your pop-top roof.

The Stealth FTC is available in SWB, with the LWB version being launched later this spring, 2023.

Find out more on our website or contact the team here at Van&Bus for more information or how you can get your own Stealth FTC addition.

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