Do The Impossible: Keep The Kids Entertained On Your Campervan Trip

So, you’ve planned the perfect road trip. You’re going to spend a week or two driving around the coast, taking in secluded beaches, vibrant towns, and country pubs. There’s only one concern when it comes to achieving this itinerary: the kids.

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If your brood starts to get restless after an hour or two on the road, properly preparing for your trip is essential. Putting a little time and energy into planning your in-van entertainment will help to prevent arguments and keep your family holiday right on track.

Pop Up Fort

Your van’s pop top is the perfect place for a holiday fort. Set the kids up with their favourite toys, blankets, and games and create a cosy and unique space for them to enjoy. Although you won’t be able to use the pop up fort when you’re on the road, it will make a great place for your kids to relax and unwind when you stop, especially on rainy summer days.

Pack A Travel Activity Bag

Car entertainment for kids is never easy, particularly on long trips. One of the best ways to keep them happy when you’re travelling is to pack an activity bag. Prepare a bag with a selection of things to do. Think of colouring books, crayons, puzzles, sticker books, and small toys. Hand-held electronic games can also work well for slightly older kids.

Download Audiobooks

If your kids love listening to songs and stories – but you’ve already heard ‘Baby Shark’ one too many times – why not download a few audiobooks? Audiobooks can keep kids quiet for hours, fire their imaginations and get them interested in literature. You could even buy your kids some headphones and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet while you watch the world go by.

Interactive Games

Before you set off, think of a few classic games to play in the car with kids. ‘I Spy’ and the alphabet game work well with younger children, while older kids will love playing travel-themed games and quizzes. Plan a few of your games in advance so you’re ready to crack them out the moment tempers start to fray.

Snacks And Treats

Snacks and treats help make road trips more enjoyable for kids and grown-ups alike. Pack snacks that are easy to eat and aren’t too messy. Try to include a few healthy options like dried fruit and smoothies as well as treats.

Travel Journals Or Scrapbooks

Holidaying in a campervan with kids can be truly memorable – hopefully for all the right reasons. Giving each of your kids a small journal or scrapbook will allow them to document their journey and make their own memories. It will also let them create a memento they can keep forever.

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