5 Tips For Keeping Your Camper Spotless This Summer

There’s something about sleeping in the great outdoors on a balmy summer’s night that just can’t be beaten. Whether you’re heading to a few festivals this summer, off on a big road trip, or just planning some well-earned weekend getaways, now’s the perfect time to give your camper a deep clean and get it ready for summer.

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1. Little And Often

One of the best ways to keep your campervan clean is to give it a once-over every time you use it. When you get home after a short break or extended trip, take the time to clean up properly. This includes wiping down your surfaces, sweeping, vacuuming, and emptying the bins.

Cleaning your camper on a regular basis will help to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. This will ensure your campervan is always looking good and ready for action.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation is incredibly important when it comes to preventing mould and reducing moisture build-up. It also helps to maintain air quality in your camper, making it a more pleasant place to be.

Open your windows whenever possible or use ventilation fans to move air around the camper and prevent musty odours. But make sure you close your windows if rain is forecast, otherwise, you may end up with a soggy interior.

3. Deep Clean

Though regular cleaning will help to keep your camper looking ship shape, every once in a while, you’ll need to give your van a thorough deep clean. This will probably involve more intensive tasks like cleaning the carpets and upholstery, scrubbing the surfaces and cleaning behind moveable fixtures.

There are now a range of campervan cleaning products available to help you remove dirt and grime and get your camper looking clean and tidy. If you want to get the outside looking as good as the inside, take your vehicle to a specialist campervan washing service or roll your sleeves up and get stuck in yourself.

4. Prevention

The best way to keep campers and campervan conversions in good condition is to prevent them from getting dirty or grimy in the first place. Using floor mats and seat covers will help to minimise wear and tear. Mats and covers are also a lot easier to remove, allowing you to wash or replace them when they begin to look past their prime.

5. Furry Friends

While there’s no doubt dogs make great travelling companions, they aren’t always such good company for your upholstery. If you have a furry friend coming along for the ride, make sure you put blankets or seat covers down for them to lie on. At the end of your trip, you can remove these blankets and covers from your campervan to wash them, replace them, and your van will be good as new.

Find Out More

Keeping your campervan spotless this summer will help you make the most of the peak holiday season and ensure your van stands out from the crowd. To get more campervan ideas and inspiration, and to earn how our low-profile pop top roofs can help you get more from your camper, enquire now and speak to a friendly member of our team.

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