Uncomfortable Rock And Roll Bed? 5 Tips To Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep

If you love travelling with your campervan but are finding it difficult to get enough well-needed sleep on your Rock and Roll bed, these tips could be the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out about how you can better your rest with these handy comfort tips.

1. Size

There is a range of sizes that you can choose from to make sure your Rock and Roll bed is as comfortable as possible. There are different sizing options including single, three-quarter, double, or full width, to make sure you get to truly spread out while you sleep. If you are travelling on your own and are looking to maximise your space, a single bed is a great option. Alternatively, if you prioritise your ability to stretch out while you sleep, or share a bed with someone, one of the larger sizes will work best. No matter what size you prefer, there is a bed for you.

2. Comfort

If you struggle with sleeping while camping, you could benefit from getting your Rock and Roll bed made custom for you. This means you can choose your preference when it comes to the firmness and size of the bed to ensure it suits your personal preferences. With the large range of softness of foam and material options including memory foam, polyurethane, and more, you can customise it to meet your needs. You can also add extra rock and roll bed cushions to make sure your custom bed fits in with your style and the décor of the van.

3. Mattresses

One of the most important things that could factor into uncomfortable sleep is your mattress. Why not try a mattress topper to add some extra softness and comfort to your bed? Mattress toppers vary from thin to extremely thick and are available in all sizes so you won’t be stumped for choice.

4. Lights Out

If you are someone that needs darkness to sleep and gets woken up by even a slither of light, try blackout curtains to keep out that rising sun so you get that extra time in the morning of undisturbed slumber.

5. Keeping Warm

Being cold can prevent sleep in any situation, especially when you’re staying off the grid during the colder months. Getting your own van heater is a great way to keep your sleeping space at a comfortable temperature during the winter, especially if it can double as a fan, coming in very useful when those cold nights turn into hot ones.

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