Are We There Yet? How Pop Top Roofs Can Transform Your Camper For Your Next Family Trip

If you’re looking for the best campervan extension for your family of four, why not consider a campervan with a pop top roof? Opting for a campervan pop top means you gain plenty of extra space and can enjoy a trip with friends and family without feeling overcrowded. A pop top roof bed kit may be the addition you need for your family to enjoy the trip of a lifetime! Read on to find out more.

1. Flexible Driving

With a low-profile pop top roof, you can benefit from extra space without having to worry about your van being too tall. Simply pop down the roof and you can travel anywhere you wish. Avoid the panic and worry of not knowing if you can fit under barriers or in car parks as a low profile pop-top when closed adds just 25 millimetres to the height of the van. Then, just pop it up again when you reach your stop to enjoy extra space and a whole new sleeping or play area. With this handy extra space, you can take the whole family on a wonderful trip as far as you would like and enjoy new adventures without a care in the world.

2. Cost

No matter your price range, there are pop top options for you. You can choose from campers that have them already installed or you could put one in yourself. Here at Van & Bus, we provide both roof installation and campervan conversion services, so no matter which option suits you best, you can enquire today for a starting price of £4,295 for a Stealth Elevating super low profile pop top roof, and £12,000-£30,000 for a conversion.

3. Customisable

Whatever your style, there is a pop top option for you. You can decide between bigger, chunkier pop top roofs less conspicuous or subtle options that are designed to appear invisible when closed. If you are opting for a conversion, you benefit from the ability to choose the exact details such as the tent colour and the colour of the pop top itself installation, so that it is perfect for your family.

4. The More The Merrier

With a pop-top van, you can fit in the whole family, and even enjoy additional head height and sleeping areas. This means you can leave separate spaces for cooking, eating and relaxing.

If all these benefits sound great to you, make sure to enquire today to get your next pop top ready for your next family staycation.

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Image Source: Pexels