More Than Just A Vehicle! 5 Uses For Your Campervan

If you’re thinking of choosing the camper van holiday life or are wondering about full van life conversions, there are some great options available to you! While many use campervans for trips away and adventures, there are also lots of alternatives than just a vehicle for your new trip away. Read on to find out more and discover some of the great options that you may not have thought of when it comes to utilising your vehicle.

Van Life

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, converting your campervan to be used year-round or as a permanent residence is the choice for you. It’s also becoming increasingly popular and has a thriving 'van life' community that lives off-grid with many individuals online sharing their experiences and daily lives as ‘Van Life Bloggers.’

Date Nights

One great way to switch up the use of your campervan is to transform it into a great date night location. Use simple DIY tricks and decorations to switch your campervan into a romantic space. This could be as simple as adding fairy lights, blankets, and cushions to make the space comfortable, or you can set up a table and organise a wonderful dinner in the new special space with ambient lighting and music.


Kids are sure to love the idea of turning your camper van into a sleepover space. Whether it is for just them and their siblings, or they are inviting friends over, this trick is sure to be a hit. Turn the campervan into a fun den space with toys, blankets, and duvets. Make sure you don’t forget a selection of snacks and games so they can enjoy their night until they eventually fall asleep.

Remote Office

With many more people opting to work from home, your campervan could provide you with the perfect space to work remotely. You can easily fill it with work essentials, like a printer, laptop, books, and its own Wi-Fi connection. The secluded space is perfect to use as a workspace with no distractions or disturbances that may come if working inside your home.

Home Cinema

While your campervan is parked at home, you could also use it for a fun family night. Turn it into a home cinema with the simple addition of a projector and a great selection of popcorn and snacks. You could even grab yourself a popcorn machine to make the experience even more special.

No matter how you decide to best use your camper when you’re not taking a trip, make sure to convert your van to fit your lifestyle by contacting Van & Bus today for more information, and tips on how to make your van perfect for your preferences - our friendly team are on hand to help.

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Image Source: Pexels