From Ordinary To Extraordinary: Elevating The Look Of Your VW Transporter

When it comes to personalising and styling your VW transporter, the sky really is the limit. Go online and you’ll find a fantastic choice of optional extras, accessories, and bespoke pieces that let you seriously upgrade both the look and functionality of your van.

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While not all these modifications are essential, they’re definitely a lot of fun. Customising your van will help it feel more like home and ensure no one else has a transporter quite like it. If you’re considering upgrading your VW transporter, here are some of our favourite ideas for stylish campervan conversions.

Exterior Upgrades

If you want to turn heads when you set off on holiday, exterior upgrades are a must. VW transporter exterior styling can take many forms. Think alloy wheels, window tinting, and a new, stylish grille. You can also buy body kits that typically come complete with front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. Sometimes wing mirrors are also included in the kit, allowing you to give your van a full exterior makeover.

Interior Enhancements

Investing in VW transporter interior styling will help you enhance both the look and the comfort of your van. Add interior lighting to make it easier to cook, socialise, and read when the sun goes down. Install floor mats to help keep the van clean and treat yourself to some steering wheel and dashboard upgrades to make your transporter more enjoyable to drive.

If you want to dramatically change the look of your VW transporter, you could consider getting the seats reupholstered. Choose a fabric in a bright, eye-catching colour to help your van really stand out from the crowd.

Paint And Vinyl Wraps

Give your transporter a custom paint job, or a brand-new vinyl wrap, to totally transform its appearance. This is a great option if you’re looking for something completely bespoke and unique to you. Both wraps and repaints are available in a wide choice of colours, patterns, and finishes, making it easy to find the VW transporter styling look right for you.

Roof Modifications

Install a roof rack or roof bars to add versatility to your van and increase its cargo-carrying capacity. You could even add a roof spoiler if you want to give your van a modern, sporty look.

VW Transporter Upgrades From Van&Bus

Upgrading and styling your VW transporter is a great way to stamp your personality on your camper. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you achieve your camper van goals.

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