Level Up Your Campervan With Our Interior Design Guide

Whether you’re giving your existing van a facelift or putting your stamp on a brand-new vehicle, creating a design scheme for your camper can be daunting. From the lighting to the floors and the furniture to the décor, you can customise pretty much every part of your vehicle. Here are some of our favourite camper conversion ideas to get you started.

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Camper conversions need to be durable and hardwearing if they’re going to cope well with everything life can throw at them. Choosing tough, easy-to-clean flooring will ensure your camper is able to deal with everyday wear and tear and make it easy to tidy.

Vinyl, laminate, cork, and carpet tiles are all good options for campervan flooring. Most of these materials are available in a choice of different colours, patterns, and finishes, so it should be easy to find a look that suits you.

Walls And Ceiling

Campervan conversion interiors always look more stylish and more welcoming when they’re covered with a suitable material. You could line your walls with wood panelling, thick fabric, or wallpaper, and perhaps apply carpet on your ceilings to help absorb sound. You can even use specialist paint to give the entire surface a new look. Using a material that’s insulating as well as attractive will help you keep your van comfortable in all conditions.


Unique campers can be made even more special with good lighting design. Using a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting will give you enough illumination for working and cooking and let you turn the lights down low when it’s time to relax. You could also add a dimmer switch to your lighting system so you can create the perfect mood when the sun goes down.

Furniture And Seating

Customising your furniture will help you make the most of the space available. Many of the best campervan conversion ideas involve installing furniture that doubles up as storage. Think benches with built-in compartments and wardrobes hidden under the bed.

You can find pre-made pieces online or you can have bespoke furniture made to your specific requirements. Getting creative with your furniture and seating will help you maximise your camper and create a space that’s completely unique to you.

Next Steps

Putting some time, energy, and money into your campervan conversion will help take your vehicle to the next level. Enquire now to get more campervan ideas and to find out how we can help you transform your vehicle.

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