Home Away From Home: Making Your Campervan Your Own

Customising your van is one of the best parts of owning a camper. With a little creativity and a bit of imagination, you can really stamp your personality on your vehicle and ensure no one else has a camper quite like it.

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From adding tech to installing ornaments, putting a little love into your van can bring big rewards. Keep reading to find out more.

Choose A Colour Scheme

Colour is important in any type of design scheme, and customising campers is no different. In fact, colour can be even more important in small spaces as it’s likely to have a greater impact, especially if you go bright and bold.

Try to select a colour palette that reflects your personality and creates a cohesive look. You can either go big with your look by opting for a repaint and reupholster, or you can go a little more subtle and use ‘pops’ of colour across the interior and exterior of your van.

Bedding And Cushions

VW campervan interiors, for example, need to be comfortable as well as eye-catching. Investing in good quality bedding and cushions will help you get a good night’s sleep and make your camper a sumptuous place to relax and unwind.

The cushions that make up your bed are probably the most important accessories you’ll buy for your camper. Make sure you select a mattress that’s supportive, comfortable, and easy to fold away if you want to keep your bed stored during the day. Once you’ve got your essentials sorted, add some decorative cushions to bring colour and style to your interior.

Personalise With Décor

As custom campervan interiors are compact, it’s easy to personalise them using bespoke décor. Adding a few personal touches, like artwork, souvenirs, and travel mementoes, will help you make the space your own.

Put your accessories in places where they’ll be on full display. Artwork can be hung on cupboard doors and ornaments placed on work surfaces. Make sure all your pieces are properly secured, otherwise they could get damaged when you hit a bump in the road.

Technology And Entertainment

If you love a bit of tech, why not personalise your camper with some futuristic gadgetry? Enhance the sound of your favourite tracks with an inbuilt sound system or get your van ready for cosy evenings in with a small TV. Even adding a tablet holder can make a big difference to the usability and functionality of your van, so why not bring your camper right into the 21st century? 

Next Steps

With a bit of investment and a little imagination, campervan conversions can be made more comfortable, more stylish, and more unique. When it comes to bespoke and exciting campervan interior ideas, UK businesses like Van&Bus have a lot to offer.

Get in touch with our team to learn more and find out how we can help you make your van a home.

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